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New Water Tank Installation: WTR Projects

In this latest project, our team were called upon to carry out a seamless water tank upgrade in the heart of London. Within each of the two plantrooms sat two steel water tanks feeding a potable supply to the residents of an established housing complex. These cold water storage tanks had all been deemed unfit for purpose in a recent risk assessment, meaning a series of new water tank installations were required to restore compliance and user safety. Neglecting to replace these old water tanks could've resulted in a range of issues and complications. Example of these include reduced water quality, tank leaks, supply contamination and an increase in maintenance costs. Scroll to see how our team of nationwide specialists carried out these cold water tank replacements and get an early glimpse into our new water tank installation process!

New Water Tank Installation - Plantroom One

old plantroom water tanks

The photo above displays the steel water tanks located in the facilities roof plantroom. To commence with the new water tank installations, our first point of action was to isolate and drain all four cold water storage tanks. Furthermore, our team installed local isolation valves in the plant room, providing enhanced control over the water supply system. Following this, we installed and connected a temporary water tank to ensure all residents still had a reliable water supply whilst the works were carried out. As part of our turnkey water tank replacement service, our team then dismantled, removed and disposed of the two steel tanks in an environmentally friendly manner. This allowed our team to carry out the new water tank installation, measuring 4m x 1m x 1m. The new GRP water storage tank featured a raised chamber, screened connections, drop arm float and a top access access hatch. To finalise the works in this first plantroom, all reconfigured pipework was insulated and our team carried out a specialise clean and disinfection to ensure the tank would be safe for potable use.

new cold water tank installation

New Water Tank Installation - Plantroom Two

old steel water tanks

Now that the first water tank installation had been executed, it was time to move onto the second plantroom. First, we efficiently removed and decommissioned the two tanks, clearing the way for the new water tank upgrade. As displayed on the pictures above, the internal conditions of the tanks posed a significant health risk, justifying the need for a new installation. Seamlessly, we supplied and installed a cutting-edge GRP TIF (Totally Internally Flanged) cold water storage tank, with dimensions of 2.5m x 1.5m x 1m. Once again, the new tank was equipped with a raised chamber, screened connections a drop arm float and top access. To finalise the project, we carried out the same process in regards to reconfiguring and insulating the pipework, along with executing a disinfection. Below, you can view the newly installed water tank situated in the second plantroom.

new water tank installation

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