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5 Common Reasons For A Leaking Water Tank

leaking water tank

Water tanks serve in an invaluable purpose for facilities throughout the globe. However, a leaking water tank can lead to inconvenience, property damage and water wastage. Identifying the root cause of the leak is crucial to prevent further damage and ensure efficient water storage. Here are five common reasons why your water tank might be leaking:

Corrosion and Rust - Leaking Water Tank Cause 1

Over time, the interior of a water tank can corrode due to constant exposure to water and fluctuating temperatures. Corrosion weakens the tank material, causing small cracks or holes that result in leaks. Rust, often seen in metal tanks, accelerates the deterioration process. Regular inspection and maintenance can help detect early signs of corrosion, preventing leaks and extending the tank's lifespan.

Loose and Damaged Fittings - Leaking Water Tank Cause 2

Leaks can occur around fittings, valves or connections due to wear and tear, improper installation or physical damage. Loose fittings or damaged seals allow water to escape, leading to leaks. Inspecting fittings for tightness and replacing damaged parts promptly can prevent potential leaks and ensure the tank functions properly.

High Water Pressure - Leaking Water Tank Cause 3

Excessive water pressure within the tank can cause strain on its walls, resulting in leaks or ruptures. Elevated pressure might be due to a faulty pressure regulator or an increase in water pressure from the main supply. Installing a pressure relief valve or regulating the water pressure can alleviate stress on the tank, preventing leaks caused by this added pressure.

Age And Wear - Leaking Water Tank Cause 4

Like any other water system componant, tanks have a natural lifespan. Aging tanks may develop weaknesses in their structure, leading to leaks over time. Frequent usage, exposure to the elements and lack of maintenance can contribute to wear and tear. Regular inspections, timely repairs or the replacement of old tanks can mitigate the risk of leaks.

Cracked Or Damaged Tank Walls - Leaking Water Tank Cause 5

External factors such as physical damage, impact or shifting of the tank's foundation can cause cracks or damage to the tank walls. These structural issues compromise the tank's integrity, resulting in leaks. Proper installation, ensuring a stable foundation and avoiding physical damage to the tank can help prevent cracks and leaks.

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