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New Water Tank
Inside Of College Water Tank


In this case study, our Engineers were tasked with a drinking water tank replacement, situated in a college. The old cold water storage tank was located in the loft above the kitchen with a significant gel coat failure and it was also over capacity for the system it served. Following our survey, it was recommended that the tank needs replaced with a new smaller sectional GRP cold water storage tank.

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Old College Water Tank


Old Water Tank Replacement

The team faced a challenging logistical hurdle with the tank's placement in a cluttered loft area, packed with waste and archived materials. Clearing the space became our initial priority before proceeding with the installation of the new tank.


Tank Build Process

This photograph showcases after the old water storage tank was decommissioned and removed. As seen, the entire space was cleared to facilitate the new water storage tank replacement. Following this, our Engineers were able to commence building the new college water tank, measuring 2m x 2m x 1m.

Cleared Water Tank Area
College Water Tank Replacement


Newly Installed Water Tank

After a timely turnaround, our client received a newly installed sectional GRP tank suited to the facilities water supply demands. This featured new screened connections, an equilibrium drop arm float valve, and top access hatch. Furthermore, we modified all pipework to suit the newly installed cold water storage tank, including the rerouting of the outlet to the opposite end.


The Story After

As part of our turnkey tank replacement package, after we refilled the tank to check for potential leaks, our team carried out a specialist cleaning and disinfection to ensure the tank could be recommissioned safely. We left site following the cleaning of the workspace and commissioning the new drinking water tank into service.

Cleaned College Water Tank



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