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Building A Prison Water Tank
Building A Prison Water Tank


In this project, our engineers were tasked with the replacement of a cold water storage tank located in a prison. Upon isolation and drainage of the tank, a thorough inspection revealed extensive corrosion on all inner surfaces. Left unaddressed, this condition could have posed a substantial health and safety hazard, particularly to vulnerable users relying on the water supply.

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Water Tank Conversion To Mains


Mains Bypass

At the beginning of the project, a temporary bypass was installed, incorporating a 2” Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) to redirect the water flow directly to the tank outlets, bypassing the cold-water storage tank and booster set. This crucial step ensured a continuous water supply to the building during the replacement process. With the bypass in place, the team proceeded to the next draining and removal stage.


Tank Build Process

Following the removal of the old tank, the team prepared the base and installed sturdy base steels to provide a solid foundation for the new water storage solution. Ensuring a stable base was critical to the proper functioning and longevity of the tank. With the foundation in place, the next stage involved the installation of the new cold-water storage tank.

Building A Prison Water Tank
Prison Water Tank Replacement


Newly Installed Water Tank

A new GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) split compartment cold-water storage tank measuring 3m x 2m x 2m was supplied and expertly installed. The tank was equipped with essential features, including a raised chamber, screened connections, equilibrium drop arm float valves, internal GRP ladders, and an external aluminum ladder for easy access and maintenance. This comprehensive setup ensured optimal performance and accessibility for future inspections.


The Story After

With the new tank securely in place, the team made the necessary modifications to the pipework to accommodate the newly installed cold-water storage tank. The pipework was skillfully adapted to seamlessly integrate the tank into the building's water supply system. After completing the pipework modifications, the tank was carefully refilled, thoroughly cleaned, and disinfected to meet stringent safety standards. Finally, the tank was successfully recommissioned back into service, providing the prison with a reliable and efficient water storage solution.

Newly Installed Prison Water Tank
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