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cold water storage tank
cold water storage tank


Since 2011, we've specialised in a multitude of water tank refurbishment projects for the UK's leading facilities management and blue-chip companies. Water tank refurbishment becomes necessary for various reasons, primarily focused on maintaining water quality, ensuring structural integrity and prolonging the lifespan of your tank. Below is an example of a recent project which required a multitude of water tank repairs to restore both user safety and compliance for a housing association.

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water tank cleaning


Water Tank Cleaning

To commence the work, our experienced Engineers disinfected an outdoor water tank, wearing protective gear and employing eco-friendly agents. Removing debris and sediment, they ensured the elimination of contaminants, while a potent disinfectant safeguarded against bacteria and pathogens. The process restored the tank to optimal cleanliness, upholding the highest hygiene standards for a safe water supply.


Replacing Water Tank Supports

Following the cleaning and disinfection of one outdoor cold water storage tank, our team then addressed issues associated with another tank on site. This GRP tank had been installed with hollow water tank supports, which posed a significant legionella threat. With precision, we dismantled the existing supports and replaced these with a set of new solid struts. As a result, stagnant water could no longer occur within the tanks internal beams. 

internal water tank supports
water tank outlet repair


Water Tank Outlet Repair

Our client also communicated that this same tank has several leaks coming from the outlet. The engineering team concluded that repairing the outlet was unfeasible, necessitating the installation of a new outlet in an alternative location. Consequently, the original outlet required comprehensive sealing both internally and externally using our WRAS-approved polyurethane before the placement of the new outlet could commence.


Water Tank Relining

To finalise the works for this housing association client, the team were required to restore the conditions of a potable steel tank. This tank provided a drinking water supply to several of the flats and required a cost-effective solution. In order to provide this, we installed a temporary tank to keep supply active and then began relining the existing cold water tank. As a result, our client saved spending the money on a full tank replacement and received a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

water tank reline - before and after
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