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Newly Installed Hotel Water Tank
Newly Installed Hotel Water Tank


In this case study, we were called to address a leaky potable water tank located in Scotland, which served as the primary source of drinking water supply for a hotel. Following a comprehensive inspection conducted by our skilled engineers, it was determined that the tank was in a deteriorated state and required a replacement to meet the latest legal requirements. Additionally, the tank exhibited impaired panels and supports, jeopardising its overall structural stability. Consequently, a complete turnkey replacement was deemed the most optimal course of action.

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Old Hotel Water Tank


Old Water Tank Replacement

Our first protocol was to drain, dismantle and dispose of the previous cold water storage tank. To maintain supply to the hotel, our team installed a temporary bypass. As displayed in this picture, the tank had exceeded it's natural lifespan and continued use would've posed a significant health risk. Once this took place, our team cleaned and cleared the work area to facilitate the installation of a new water tank. 


Tank Build Process

After assessing the current base, adjustments were made by installing levelling steels to establish a sturdy foundation for the new GRP tank installation. Following this, our team began constructing the hotels new cold water storage tank, measuring 6m x 2m x 2m as a single compartment. 

Building Hotel Water Tank
Hotel Water Tank Replacement


Newly Installed Water Tank

After a timely turnaround, the new hotel water tank was built. The tank included new screened connections, encapsulated insulation, an access manway, an equilibrium drop arm float valve,  internal and external ladders and a raised chamber.


The Story After

Following the construction of the new tank, the inlet, outlet, and overflow pipework underwent modifications to align with the new setup. Subsequently, foil-backed insulation was applied to all modified pipework. To ensure the tank could be safely recommissioned, the new structure underwent a thorough water tank cleaning and disinfection procedure carried out by our expert team. Once the new tank was operational, the temporary bypass was disconnected and removed, with all waste materials cleared from the site.

Top Of GRP Water Tank



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