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steel water tank


If you're facing continuous problems with your steel or galvanised water tank, or if it has reached its natural lifespan, it may be time to explore our renowned steel water tank replacement service! Our comprehensive package takes care of every aspect of your steel tank replacement, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process. We have 5 Engineering teams conveniently positioned across the United Kingdom, allowing us to respond promptly to your steel / galvanized tank replacement requirements. Safety is our top priority and we go the extra mile by providing site-specific risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) tailored to each steel tank replacement project. Furthermore, our dedication to transparency is demonstrated in our detailed photographic completion reports, prepared by our planning team for every new steel water tank installation. Steel can become susceptible to metal substrate breakdowns and internal corrosion, which can leads to leaks within your galvanised cold water storage tank. So, now's the time to act. Say farewell to your previous steel water storage tank troubles and welcome a compliant and efficient installation. Reach out to us today and experience a contractor like no other with our unrivalled steel water tank replacement service. For any steel water tank installation, we ensure all guidelines set in the Specification For The Use Of Steel Tanks In The Water Industry: 1999.

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What Are The Signs I Need A Steel Water Tank Replacement?

Common signs include rust or corrosion on the tank's surface, visible leaks or water stains around the tank, decreased water pressure and water discoloration.

Corroded Steel Water Tank
inside of steel water tank


Can You Repair A Leaking Steel Water Tank Instead Of Replacing It?

In some cases, small leaks can be patched temporarily, but it's usually not a long-term solution. Repairing a severely corroded tank might not be cost-effective and replacing the often tank the better option going forward.


How Long Will My Steel Water Tank Replacement Take?

The time required for replacement depends on the size of the tank and the complexity of the installation. Smaller steel tanks might be replaced in a day, while larger ones could take several days. All of which will be outlined in a detailed project, following a survey from our team.

replacing a steel water tank


replacing a steel water tank
steel water tank replacement

Care Home Water Tank Replacement

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Expert Survey

Bespoke RAMS


Planning & Scheduling

WRAS-Approved Parts

Regulatory Compliance

Rigorous Health & Safety

Timely Completion


Clean & Disinfection

Completion Report

12 Month Warranty

Follow-up Call

With our all-inclusive package, we take care of every aspect of your plastic water tank replacement project, streamlining the process for our clients. Our comprehensive turnkey solution means you won't have to search for specialist contractors to handle different project elements. This package includes everything from pipework modifications, decommissioning and removing the old storage tank to installing bypasses, installing the new water tank, conducting a chemical disinfection and final recommissioning. With the support of our nationwide Engineers, you can confidently rely on our expertise to swiftly, safely, and cost-effectively replace your cold water storage tank, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Steel Water Tank
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I was recently introduced to Water Tank Replacement by our Compliance Consultancy as I needed specialist support to have some commercial sized cold water storage tanks relined to and I also needed to have a failing 3000 litre tank replaced at a difficult to access site. From our initial site meetings, communication and delivery of works, they provided an excellent service through to completions and I would not hesitate to call upon them in future.


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