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Experience a hassle-free sprinkler water tank replacement through our expert team. If you're grappling with persistent issues with your fire sprinkler tank or it has surpassed its lifespan, look no further. Our seamless sprinkler storage tank installations are tailored to your exact needs. Operating across the United Kingdom through 5 widespread project hubs, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to all water tank replacement enquiries. For any new replacement sprinkler tank, we offer a comprehensive package that encompasses every aspect of the replacement process. This ranges from the draining and removal of your old fire safety tank, to access hatch installations, pipework modifications and full recommissioning. Benefit from a complimentary site survey where we'll compose a site-specific Risk Assessments and Method Statement (RAMS) along with a detailed project blueprint for your sprinkler tank replacement. Once the project concludes, you'll receive your own photographic completion showcasing the entire process, acting as a valuable compliance resource. Leave behind the tribulations posed by your former water storage tank as you usher in a compliant and effective replacement. Don't delay – get in touch with us today to experience an unparalleled service in sprinkler water tank replacements. All of our fire sprinkler tank installations are carried out through guidelines set in BS EN 12845.

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What Are The Signs That My Fire Sprinkler Tank Needs Replacing?

Signs of a deteriorating tank include visible corrosion, frequent leaks, reduced water pressure, and compromised structural integrity. These could indicate it's time for a replacement.

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Fire Sprinkler Tank


How Often Do Sprinkler Tanks Need Replacing?

The lifespan of a fire sprinkler tank varies depending on factors such as materials used, maintenance, and environmental conditions. Typically, tanks should be inspected regularly and replaced every 20 to 30 years.


Why Should I Replace My Sprinkler Tank?

Fire sprinkler tanks can deteriorate over time due to corrosion, leaks, or wear. Replacing a tank becomes necessary to ensure the continued effectiveness and reliability of your fire sprinkler system, on top avoiding any potential fines for breaching compliance.

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New Cold Water Storage Tank

University Water Tank Replacement

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Expert Survey

Bespoke RAMS


Planning & Scheduling

WRAS-Approved Parts

Regulatory Compliance

Rigorous Health & Safety

Timely Completion


Clean & Disinfection

Completion Report

12 Month Warranty

Follow-up Call

With our all-inclusive package, we take care of every aspect of your sprinkler water tank replacement project, streamlining the process for our clients. Our comprehensive turnkey solution means you won't have to search for specialist contractors to handle different project elements. This package includes everything from pipework modifications, decommissioning and removing the old storage tank to installing bypasses, installing the new water tank, conducting a chemical disinfection and final recommissioning. With the support of our nationwide Engineers, you can confidently rely on our expertise to swiftly, safely, and cost-effectively replace your sprinkler wate storage tank, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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I was recently introduced to Water Tank Replacement by our Compliance Consultancy as I needed specialist support to have some commercial sized cold water storage tanks relined to and I also needed to have a failing 3000 litre tank replaced at a difficult to access site. From our initial site meetings, communication and delivery of works, they provided an excellent service through to completions and I would not hesitate to call upon them in future.


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