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Commercial Water Tank Installation

Are you grappling with a damaged or leaking commercial water tank? Look no further! This latest blog post showcases a new commercial water tank installation, carried out for one of our facilities management clients. Following a series of frequent leaks, we offered a quick and seamless resolution to the sites old commercial water tank through our all-encompassing turnkey service. Our commercial water tank installations come with a detailed project plan, a bespoke risk assessment and method statement, a complementary clean and a photographic completion report as stand. Displayed below is the commercial cold water storage tank prior to our replacement!

old commercial water tank

Stage 1 - Temporary Mains Bypass Installation

Ensuring a seamless water supply during the replacement process was critical. To guarantee an uninterrupted service, a temporary mains bypass was skillfully installed by our team. This facilitated a continuous water flow throughout the commercial water tank replacement.

temporary mains bypass

Stage 2 - Isolation, Draining and Removal

To commence with the new commercial water tank installation, we proceeded to isolate, drain and subsequently remove the existing cold water storage tank. Every precaution was taken to safely eliminate the damaged tank from the system.

dismantling an old water tank

Stage 3 - Installing The New Commercial Water Tank

Following the installation of a new base, our specialists began building the new commercial water tank. Each compartment, measuring 2m x 1m x 2m, incorporated raised chambers, access hatches, internal and external ladders, temperature gauges, pipework insulation drop arm float valves, screened connections and low-level access hatches to optimise functionality and compliance.

commercial water tank installation

Stage 4 - Commissioning the New Commercial Water Tank

For a seamless integration, all pipework was reconfigured to align with the layout and requirements of the newly installed CWST. With the installation completed, the temporary bypass was then removed. As standardm, a thorough cleaning and disinfection was carried out to guarantee the hygiene and safety of the new commercial water tank and all associated pipework. Following this, the entire system underwent a comprehensive commissioning process, ensuring all components functioned seamlessly in service.

commercial water tank

When Was Your Water Tank Last Replaced?

A water tanks lifespan varies based on material, usage and maintenance, typically ranging from 15 to 20 years for standard tanks. However, this can significantly differ; some tanks, especially those made of durable materials like stainless steel or well-maintained GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), might last longer. Several factors contribute to the need for replacement, such as wear and tear, leaks or corrosion. Get a free survey from a member of our experienced team, who will determine the most cost-effective solution for your commercial water tank issues. Give us a call today on 01704 335899 or email us at for over 12 years of industry-leading expertise!


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