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Leaking Water Tank Replacement

Do you have a frequently leaking water tank? Whilst a leaking water tank repair can act as a temporary solution, a new water tank installation is the most appropriate solution in the long run. In the following project, we did exactly that. This shopping centre in Liverpool was in desperate need of a leaking water tank replacement, with several reoccurring leaks forming from the water tanks base. Through our turnkey service, we gave our client a hassle-free experience as we handled all possible associated works. Scroll to see our expert approach to new water tank installations throughout the United Kingdom.

Leaking Water Tank Removal

Leaking Water Tank Base

The first stage of the leaking water tank replacement was to decommission and remove the old storage tank. Before doing so, we installed a temporary water tank and service was switched to allow works to begin on the main tank. The right showcases the condition of the previous water tank base following the removal of the tank. The base had developed swelling, which required our team to construct a new base for the subsequent installation.

Replacing The Leaking Water Tank

new water tank base

After building a new water tank base (displayed to the left), our teams were ready to commence the leaking tank replacement. The new GRP sectional split cold-water storage tank was then built on top of the new base in the same location as the previous tank. This new cold water storage tank measured 2m x 2m x 1.5m, featuring the likes of screened connections, top access hatches and insulated pipes.

new water tank installation

Recommissioning The New Water Tank

As part of our turnkey package, we took the responsibility of returning the tank fully back to service. After switching supply away from the temporary tank back to the newly installed tank, our team refilled to check for any potential leaks and carried out a specialist clean and disinfection to ensure a safe potable supply. This came with a highly detailed disinfection certificate, along with a photographic completion report. As the final project stage, the temporary tank was then decommissioned and removed from site, with our client receiving a 12 month warranty as standard. If you have a leaking water tank or are faced with other issues that a replacement would resolve, then we operate throughout the UK with 5 project hubs. Visit our water tank replacement page to learn more about our expertise in this area and kickstart your journey with the nations leading water tank replacement service.


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